What’s The Best Home Automation System? Control4 or Savant or Crestron

If you are planning to upgrade your living space and create a “smart home”, you’re probably asking yourself “What’s the best home automation system?” In others words, you’ve decided you want to install or upgrade your home automation system. Now you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one. “What’s The Best Home Automation […]

Wireless Technologies For Home Automation

For over a decade we’ve been waiting, not so patiently, for the electronics industry to get its wireless act together. Even today, many routers and network switches are buggy and unreliable with limited throughput, limited range and indecipherable instructions. That’s still true. So, how can it be that we have been starting to build robust wireless control systems […]

Home Theater Installation

Cleveland – We at K+ Integration Systems can’t expect to set up every home theater system in northeast Ohio. There’s those of you who insist on the DIY approach. That’s all well and good provided you do it correctly. It’s money poorly spent if the home theater you bought, positioned and connected isn’t set up properly. In AV parlance we call this calibrating. And an AV receiver, TV or blu-ray player that’s just playing the way it came out of the box results in a poor home theater experience. Home Theater Review just published a nice check list of how…

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