Home Theater & Smart Home Solutions

With all of the various electronic systems in your home and/or office, it's not good enough for products to be simply installed, they must be integrated--so they work together in harmony: "Custom Integration".

K+ Integration offers home automation systems -- to control all the audio/visual, communications, lighting, security, and climate systems for your home or office!

The K+ Integration Systems team handles projects as simple as hanging a TV on a wall all the way to designing and installing a complete state-of-the-art smart home including audio, video, security, lighting, phones and climate control.

Unlike most custom integrators, The K+ team can execute every aspect of a project including construction.  After all, we got our start as a custom home builder.

So even if we’re not your main contractor, our knowledge means time and cost savings-no poor communications between trades.  We speak the language.  Of course we work closely with the architect and interior designer for seamless integration.

K+ also offers maintenance programs for customers who have existing systems and need support, changes, additions and tweaks to make the systems perform better-after all-these systems are supposed to enhance your lifestyle, not frustrate it!

Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems allow you to direct every one of your systems from an interface with the controls at your fingertips. [more]

Home Theater Systems

Experience the convenience of  a state-of-the-art home theater in the privacy of your own home or office, at an affordable price. [more]

Integrated Security Systems

Protect your most valuable assets, at home and at work, by equipping your home or office with a state-of-the-art security system. [more]

Climate Control Integration

Integrate your heating and air conditioning with a home control system so you can adjust settings from anywhere. [more]

Motorized Shades Lighting Integration

Provides energy savings and greater peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switching. [more]

Distributed Audio Video Systems

Distribute the highest quality audio and video throughout your home or facility with a single mobile source point. [more]

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