Motororized Shades & Lighting Control

Having an integrated system for motorized shades & lighting control means that all the lighting in the dwelling can be controlled from a keypad.

With the touch of a button, you can instantly dim, brighten, or turn off all the lights in the home. This puts an end to getting up and checking each room to see if the lights have been turned off for the evening. It is easy to set the mood in the entire house with the touch of a button. Lights throughout the home will be turned down to a more romantic level to enhance the evening experience. When lights need to be made brighter in the entire home, this can be done instantly as well.

Control Your Lighting With The Touch Of A Button


In addition to controlling lights within the home, an integrated system will also control lights outside the home as well. This can mean enhanced lighting around the home and garage when the family returns from a trip. The lighting control system can be fully integrated with other features of a smart home and can be controlled from a remote location.

If a person needs to get up in the middle of the night, the system can be customized to create a low level of lighting that will not disturb others in the home. Lighting control can be integrated with other systems in the home such as the home security system. This means that if a motion detector outside the home detects suspicious movement, the lights in the home can be turned on automatically.

An automated lighting system can actually save the homeowner money because the system can be programmed to shut down lights at night. Light bulbs will last longer because they will only be used when necessary. The system can also enhance home security because it can turn lights on and off in the home so it appears the home is occupied even when family members are on vacation.

K+ Integration is uniquely qualified to install customized control of the lighting in a home because we have a team of highly talented experts who know how to create integrated systems that are practical and easy to use. Call us to see how our integrated approach will give you more control over your home than you ever imagined possible.

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